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Lenin Plaza

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Switzerland (December 14th 2020) – Russia’s finest Alexey Krasniy and his Vans Russia comrades travelled to 15 different cities and skated 20 different monuments all around the country for the latest edit from Vans Europe – ‘Lenin Plaza’.

Vladimir Lenin monuments and statues are some of the most recognizable visual images of communist Russia, where once upon a time you could find around 15,000 in the USSR. The Russian political system has since gone through some dramatic changes but Lenin Plazas have become home to skaters in most Russian cities, including the likes of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. 

‘Lenin Plaza’ is a new project that shines a light on Russian architecture, history, urban environments and most importantly, Russian skateboarding. Lenin may not have seen skateboarding in person but his surviving tributes have left skaters with their dream spots in 11 different time zones.

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