Pablo de Juan – New part & Interview


Pablo is new face in Helsinki skateboard scene – and his new part ”Skatelainen” is out now so we decided to ask some information about this fast speed guy from Spain. Video is mostly done by Tuukka Korhonen.

Tell me little about yourself – where are you from, when did you start skating? 

I was born in a town near the city of Seville, Andalusia, Spain. There were very few places to skate in, very bad floors and not much skate culture. My three older brothers windsurfed and sometimes skated at the time of the boom of skateboarding in Spain, around the 80s-90s and I was born in -88. My older brother died in -91 and I wanted to do everything he couldn’t do anymore, so I skated in the winter and windsurfed in the summer. My skateboarding was very self-taught, I invented different ways to use that board with wheels. I also learned windsurf on my own when I was 7 years old. Being 16 years old I had a break from skating; girlfriend, studies and going out to party but I returned to skateboarding when I was 20, because my father gave me a board. He told me, son I see you very thin and he gave it to me and I haven’t stopped since then. In March I’m turning 35. 

You moved to Finland last winter, right? Why Finland and what do you think about this country? 

Well, I met the light of my life in Portugal, Elina is Finnish, she studied marine biology there and I was surfing and skating and finishing my osteopathy studies. She got pregnant and we decided to move to Helsinki to have her family close. Our daughter was born in December, she is called Elaia. When I moved to Helsinki, I wasn’t planning on recording this video part, but after meeting the local skaters and seeing the beautiful skate scene in here, I decided to get in touch with Tuukka to start filming sometimes. We recorded the video in only nine saturdays during the summer.

How do you feel about finnish skateboarding scene? 

I think I answered the previous question but I can add that I was very surprised by the level, I really like the motivation in here and the way you see skateboarding. I also invite you to get to know the Andalusian Skate; it’s very pure, less technical at times, but with a lot of energy. Of course it depends a lot of a skater.

You filmed this part with Tuukka, how Tuukka got involved? 

I went around the skate shops to see what was going on and I met Tommi Björk who put me in touch with a filmer, but then I met Cristian Navarrete and he told me about Tuukka. After seeing his work I decided to contact him and I couldn’t feel more comfortable recording with him. I consider him a friend and a professional. We all deserve a filmer like Tuukka.

You skate also pools and ramps? Do you prefer street or parks? 

I like to skate everything when it’s fun and adapt to the surroundings. Each grind or flight gives me different sensations so I don’t have preferences when it comes to skating, I try to flow.

One place in finland where you wanna go? 

I want to see the northern lights and get to know Lapland. But regarding skating, I think there are many rails and good spots to go to by car. Bowls in the middle of the forest or abandoned canals etc. They also interest me. I love doing skate trips like everyone and if I have time I’ll sign up for the next one.

Shout outs etc…? 

Big thanks to Dickies Europe, to my board sponsor and family Ripeskateboarding, to my friend Sander’s shop called Push in Hasselt in Belgium and my friend’s clothing brand Domingo’s intl from Barcelona for the motivation. I also take this opportunity to tell you that I need shoes;)

Interview: Mikko Kempas