Hangup – Skeittaus, elämä, viihde ja kulttuuri

Willis Kimbel at Räsälä (2016)

Willis Kimbel ripping Vexi's Räsälä indoor Pool a few of years ago. Video by Travis Adams. 



60 minutes with Kevin Baekkel

The Creature team visited Finland in late summer 2016 to shoot for their forthcoming movie. I had agreed with Willis on going to shoot a bit on some days. On the first day, everyone was either somewhat worn out from skating or from the intense downhill business at Koff park the night before. Finally, as everyone else left for some DIY sauna action, I stayed at the Suvilahti park with Kevin, the youngest of the bunch, in hopes of some footy. It was a wrap in less than an hour! Kevin simply demolished the park. This called for a little interrogational activity.


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