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Happy Hour Skateboards X Tom of Finland

28.03.2017 / Toimitus

It's official. Happy Hourin ja Tom of Finlandin virallinen yhteistyömallisto julkaistaan 8.4. Happy Hour Skateboards x Tom of Finland collabro out 8/4/2017 

Happy Hour Skateboards julkaisee Tom of Finland Foundationin kanssa virallisen yhteistyömalliston. 

Näin Happy Hour Skateboards on maailman ensimmäinen skeittifirma, joka tekee yhteistyömalliston Tom of Finland Foundationin kanssa. Happy Hour Skateboards X Tom of Finland -mallisto sisältää kolme erilaista Tom of Finland -aiheista skeittidekkiä sekä limited edition -vaatemalliston, johon kuuluu t-paitoja, huppareita ja kangaskasseja. Kauppoihin yhteistyömallisto tulee lauantaina 8. huhtikuuta 2017.

Yhteistyö sai alkunsa, kun Jake tapasi Tom of Finland Foundationin puheenjohtajan Durk Dehnerin Mr. Leather Europe -kisoissa, jotka pidettiin Helsingissä viime elokuussa. 

”Oluet juotuamme olimme molemmat sitä mieltä, että tämä pitää tehdä”, Jake sanoo.

Happy Hour Skateboards X Tom of Finland -tuotteet

FTW-dekki, 8.25’’ ja 8.5’’, 100 kpl numeroitu limited edition, 59 €

DAY-dekki, 8.125’’, 8.25’’, 8.375’’ & 8,5’’, 59 €

NIGHT-dekki, 8.0’, 8.125’’, 8.25’’ & 8.375’’, 59 €

DAY- ja NIGHT -t-paidat, valkoinen ja musta, 35 €

FTW-longsleeve, harmaa 39 €

DAY- ja NIGHT -hupparit, valkoinen ja musta, 75 €

DAY- ja NIGHT -kangaskassit, natural ja musta, 15 €

Happy Hour Skateboards X Tom of Finland -tuotteet tulevat kauppoihin lauantaina 8. huhtikuuta. Koko mallisto on myynnissä seuraavilla jälleenmyyjillä:

Tom Of Finland Store (USA) - www.tomoffinlandstore.com

My Favorite Things (Helsinki) - www.myfavoritethings.fi

Beyond (Jyväskylä) - www.beyondstore.fi

Real Deal (Oulu) - www.realdeal.fi

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The new skateboard decks by Happy Hour Skateboards feature three original drawings by Tom Of Finland (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920-1991). With the collaboration Happy Hour Skateboards wants to honor Tom’s legacy, as well as support diversity within skateboarding.

Helsinki-based Happy Hour Skateboards is the first ever skateboarding company to collaborate with Tom of Finland Foundation. The Happy Hour Skateboards X Tom of Finland collection includes three skateboard decks featuring original Tom of Finland drawings, as well as a limited edition clothing collection including t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags. The products will hit the shops on Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Tom of Finland is one of the world’s most influential artists. From the late 1950s onwards he produced an impressive body of work, depicting strong, proud gay men. He played a key part in gay liberation, is a pop culture fixture, admired and collected by artists like Robert Mapplethorpe.

The collaboration began when Happy Hour Skateboards founder and owner Jarkko Poropudas met Durk Dehner, President of Tom of Finland Foundation, at Mr. Leather contest in Helsinki in August 2016.

“After a beer, we both agreed that this collaboration needed to happen,” says Poropudas.

“When you travel the world and meet skateboarders you soon realize the two Finns people know are skateboarder Arto Saari and Tom of Finland. This collaboration is our tribute to a legendary artist. In addition to the bigger picture of gay rights, we want to do our part in supporting diversity within skateboarding.”

The Happy Hour Skateboards X Tom of Finland collection features three original Tom of Finland drawings, ”Day & Night” (1980) and ”Fuck The World” (1976).

The two-part ”Day & Night” depicts a typical TOM’s Man in his day and evening attire – a suit and a tie, as well as full-on black leather. It reflects the “misfit” lives of many skateboarders who work in an office during the day and skate and party at night.

The collaboration comes at a time in which skateboarding is undergoing a change. Among skaters, diversity is a more pertinent topic than ever.

For a long time, skateboarding was seen as a macho sport with little tolerance for different sexual orientations. Soon after the Happy Hour Skateboards X Tom of Finland collaboration was initiated, the first American pro skater came out. Skateboarding legend Brian Anderson revealed in a Vice documentary that for years, he was too afraid to talk about his sexuality.

“I wish all skateboarders around the world would be accepted as they are,” Poropudas adds.

Part of the proceeds from this collection benefit the non-profit activities of Tom Of Finland Foundation.


Happy Hour Skateboards X Tom of Finland products

FTW deck, 8.25’’ & 8.5’’, hand numbered limited edition of 100, EUR 59

DAY deck, 8.125’’, 8.25’’, 8.375’’ & 8,5’’, EUR 59

NIGHT deck, 8.0’, 8.125’’, 8.25’’ & 8.375’’, EUR 59

DAY and NIGHT t-shirts, white and black, EUR 35

FTW long sleeve shirt, gray, EUR 39

DAY and NIGHT hoodies, white and black, EUR 75

DAY and NIGHT tote bags, natural and black, EUR 15

Happy Hour Skateboards X Tom of Finland products will be released on Saturday, April 8, 2017. The whole range will be available in stores and online at the following retailers:

Tom Of Finland Store (USA) - www.tomoffinlandstore.com

My Favorite Things (Helsinki, Finland) - www.myfavoritethings.fi

Beyond (Jyväskylä, Finland) - www.beyondstore.fi

Real Deal (Oulu, Finland) - www.realdeal.fi

Part of the collection also sold at:
Union Five

Photography & Graphic Design: Mikko Kempas

Photography: Mikko Kempas


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