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> Wow Classic Class Gold Making Guide: Mage, WOW Classic Class Gold Making Guide: Mage
viesti 29.10.2019 09:00
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Hello everyone, followed the previous theme, today we are going to update buy wow classic gold Making Guide: Mage on ZZWOW, which is an amazing farmer in WOW Classic, as they can pull a huge amount of enemies and kill them all by themselves without much damage in the process. Nearly everyone wants to obtain huge wealth, because it is a very vital part of the game, you can buy everything you like with enough gold. However, when you ask the developers of the game about gold making, they may only tell you farm or grind, that's all right, if you always use the limited methods, you are likely to hit Level 60 slower than others.

Mage Making Gold

Since Mage is used to fighting, you can create the chance as much as possible to meet enemies. For example, you can find a place that will not be disturbed by others, and then attract a large number of enemies, once you kill them, you can get the loot dropping from them, some valuable items of them can even bring you great wealth. Take them and hurry, and no one will catch you.

However, you don't always have the opportunity to fight like this, except that you stay in the dungeons, because they are dark and quiet enough, you can hardly be discovered.

Since you have to complete quests every day in WOW Classic, it is better to go to some suitable dungeons, Cathedral of Into the Scarlet Monastery, where you could encounter many powerful enemies, once you find them, kill all the mobs at once to get not less than 6 Gold. Also, when completing some quests, you are able to gather up some items and equipment, you can take out from the dungeons and sell to others or Auction House in exchange for Gold. Surely, if you want to craft them, Enchanting should be your first choice, so that you can exchange more gold with those materials.

Or Maraudon is a good place for AOE, there are some snakes inside, the professions including Skinning and Herbalism are the best ones for making gold in the dungeon, you can choose them for Mage.

Moreover, some additional work is also required to make gold, you have to complete the task followed different instruments, all of them are profitable, except for the countless duplicate work.

Generally speaking, no more long-term ways available to make WOW Classic Gold beyond playing, but don't forget to keep the rule, never put money on the needless or you won't be able to make ends meet.

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