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> Are Your Hangup Users Buying Ffxiv Gil?, I love to skate and play FFXIV. How to buy FFXIV Gil safe?
viesti 08.02.2020 10:23
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I love to skate and play FFXIV. How to buy FFXIV Gil safe?

Generally, there are two main ways for players to get FFXIV Gil. Private players bought the first one, but this may not guarantee security. Another way is to buy goods on a professional website, where many people are comfortable and pay less than private players. I usually buy VHPG, and their website has a professional service team, excellent service quality, fast delivery and secure online payment system. These are the experiences I've been buying on its website. VHPG has always been one of the top players in Google's game currency rankings, which proves the professionalism of their pages. In short, I think this is a trustworthy trader. Hope to help you!

Once you reach 50, you can make money, although you may not find many potential options immediately. War disciples and magic disciples can farm enemies in the same way as above. Craftsmen always need more materials, so this is usually a stable source of income. The goods needed vary from one world to another, but it is usually not difficult to make sense of people's needs. You can find fleece, diremite netting, crystals, clusters and many other items on enemies.

Ask everywhere and talk to craftsmen to feel everyone's needs at this time. Craftsmen need all kinds of materials, so asking around may provide you with some valuable information, or even find long-term business partners!

Killing the enemy is not the only way to make money. When it's done, dungeons like ampador keep will provide you with a Book of philosophy. Although these are usually used for your character's equipment, you can also purchase some production materials. The craftsmen are striving for these to make the final equipment. One of them can be sold to 50K, depending on your server. It's not unreasonable to spend a few days doing some dungeons and earn 300000 Gil!

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