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This spring it will receive a new upgrade -- titled Bestiary -- that adds tons of new actions, items, recipes, and challenges for high rise Path of Exile players. . .all for the low price of free. We got a chance to see some of the content Path of Exile players can anticipate from the poe currency upgrade. The heart of the Bestiary expansion is your record book. It is a collection of monsters, crafting recipes and other goals for late Path of Exile game Path of Exile players to accomplish and collect.

On the other hand, the goal isn't to kill the monsters and gather their materials just like you'd do in a Path of Exile game such as Monster Hunter. Rather you are tasked with capturing a specific amount of these to meet quest objectives and fight them all at once so as to craft powerful new equipment and augmentations. You will be given access to an area known as the menagerie. Consider it as your own private zoo, where you can observe all the monsters you currently have captured in a easy to access area.

You can also see what creatures you have accumulated in your bestiary too.Among the most attractive things about Path of Exile is the customization options it gives Path of Exile players to groom their personalities. The Bestiary upgrade (outside March 2 on PC and a little then on Xbox) comes with a brand new crafting system build entirely around catching specific monsters in order to use them for brand new items, or to augment present ones.

As soon as you've captured the creatures necessary for your recipe you won't just click a button and produce an item, you are going to have to combat the monsters within a stadium located in your hideout. Should you fail, you lose the monsters used in the recipe. But if you poe trade currency succeed, you're going to have the ability to augment a house of an already existing thing, or craft one of those newest powerful pieces of equipment.

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