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> Nba Live 19 Introducing The Most Popular The One Career Mode To Choose The Best Build, sell NBA Live 19 coins
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In NBA Live 19, The One career mode is one of the most popular mode in the game. It allows you to create your own player (male or female) and lead your character to become The Onethrough a new story called The Rise,along with various new modes. In this NBA Live 19 Guide, well be walking you through The One Career Mode and how to pick the best build at the beginning of the game.

The One Career Mode

The One career mode is a bit basic IMO but where live shines is the gameplay and the customization and utilization of your player. Lots of customization options. You can make male or female players (only the male can do career mode right now). Lots of free items to start with and you can earn the other items with xp and points in game. No need to spend money. By the way, if you are in demand of Cheap NBA 2K Live 19 Coins in card- collection type mode like NBA 2K Live 19 Ultimate Team, you can visit our Joymmo.com. You get to pick your players path whether you want them to be a guard, wing or big and from there you get to select an icon to pursue that shapes how you play. In all of these modes your player earns experience and rep.

The new Icon path also allows you to change up your player between games if you unlock both of the Icon paths. For a wing you can be a wing defender, scorer, shooter, etc. Then with your player you can do career mode, live runs (3v3 or 5v5 online versus other peoples characters), live events (specific challenges to complete versus CPU teams with human team mates) and court battles ( take on other players teams to control their court). This lets you go game to game with a different strategy / play style in mind.

Also you can make your own court and have court battles with other peoples "Crews" this is a against CPU players but still a fun mode. Each game has different rules depending on how that person setup their court. You could be playing a game where dunks are all 4 points and every other shot is only 1 or something like that.

How To Pick The Best Build For The One?

Once you start The One career mode, youll be asked what kind of player you want to be. No matter you choose a backcourt shooter, a post anchor or something else, they all have a big impact on what your player will be able to do throughout the entirety of this game mode. To give you an idea of what your choices are, weve provided a list of all 11 archetype options in the video below, and which of them are the best to play with.

Wing scorer or wing defender is always a good start! Wings are the most versatile. You can boop threes, dunk and also upgrade your dribble. That or a wing shooter, if you play it right they can be deadly. Honestly though you should just pick whatever suits we got way too many wing scorers. Vinsanity wing scorer is really a master of all trades on offense. I like the Pippen wing defender most, though - shutdown D and plenty of tools to score on offense.

In fact, there's no build that's total garbage, so you can just pick whatever you think will suit you and try it.
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