Hangup – Skeittaus, elämä, viihde ja kulttuuri

60 minutes with Kevin Baekkel

03.03.2017 / Toimitus

The Creature team visited Finland in late summer 2016 to shoot for their forthcoming movie. I had agreed with Willis on going to shoot a bit on some days. On the first day, everyone was either somewhat worn out from skating or from the intense downhill business at Koff park the night before. Finally, as everyone else left for some DIY sauna action, I stayed at the Suvilahti park with Kevin, the youngest of the bunch, in hopes of some footy. It was a wrap in less than an hour! Kevin simply demolished the park. This called for a little interrogational activity.

So, reveal to me some details about you. How old are you, and what kind of land was Norway to grow up in?

My name is Kevin Bækkel, I am from Hamar, a little town in Norway. Norway was super good to grow up in; no complaints – just too much winter. When I was younger, they didn’t have that many skate parks.

You’re living in Copenhagen nowadays. Why did you move to live over there and not Barcelona or something little bit warmer? 

Yeah I was. I don’t have an apartment now, and it’s hard to find one, so I’ve just been couch-surfing for a bit. I just love everything about Copenhagen; so many spots and skateparks, and you only need a bike to get around. Winter sucks in Copenhagen: really cold and a lot of wind. Only get to skate the indoor park every day. I probably should move to Barcelona in the winter.

Maybe the winter in Copenhagen is easy because you are from Norway? Or is it?

Winter in Copenhagen for me is worse: just wind and really cold. Doesn’t snow to much. I’d rather that it snowed and the snow stayed so it didn’t get so cold.

What are the three best reasons to live in Copenhagen?

1.Hullet DIY. 

2. Just the whole skate scene is amazing in CPH

3. The drinking culture

You ride for Creature. How did that happen, and how did you join the team?

I’ve been skating for them since I was 13. David Gravette came to Norway to do demos and stuff. He came to my hometown. He was the first pro skater I had ever seen. He came up to me and was stoked on my skating, so he talked to Creature Norway and they started to give me boards. But it wasn’t before last year that they took me on my first Creature trip.

Is it a good place / team for you?

Yeah I love Creature; it is the best shit! The team is so sick, and the Creature trips I been on have been like the best times of my life. A really good crew!


Fast plant

Do you travel with the team a lot? Or just by yourself with a skateboard?

Both. I’ve been on a lot of Creature trips for this new video, but I also travel a lot by myself.

What other sponsors you have?

Creature, DAF, Independent, Bronson, Circus Circus Skateshop, Mob, Emerica.

We meet up this summer in Helsinki. You destroyed Suvilahti in less than 60 minutes. It looks you like that park?

I love Suvilahti, that place is so fucking fun!! The park is so big to be a DIY, and you can go so fast there!

Tell me about your trip in Helsinki. What was good? How is sauna? Beer? If your friends asked something about Helsinki / Finland, what would you tell them?

The trip was really good. I really enjoyed Helsinki – never been before! We mostly skated Suvilahti, but we did some street skating too! I didn’t go in the sauna; we were taking photos when the others went into sauna. haha. Beer was really good there, and sick bars there as well. I will say, just go, you will love it! I am definitely coming back!! 

How’s KOTR? Was it good? Any rad stories from there?

KORT was so fun; best times ever! Our team killed it. I’m not allowed to talk about it because it doesn’t come out before next summer, sorry!

How’s the upcoming Creature movie? Are you happy what you have already done for it? Who’s killing it in that movie? 

I haven’t really seen the footy yet, but it’s going to be super sick. All the guys have been getting crazy things. We got 3 months left to film. So just trying to get some good stuff before the deadline. Gravette and Willis are going to have some gnarly parts!!

Thank you Kevin! 

Text and photos Sami Välikangas



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