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Koffin vauhtikisat 2016 aka Koff speedrace

23.08.2016 / Toimitus

Koffissa oli vauhtia. Tässä lopputulos. This time in english. 

1. Can you give us brief indroduction to Koffarin vauhtiajot? How did you originally got the idea to organize downhill race?

Its a downhill race extravaganza that’s been happening for two years now at Koffin Puisto. I have been organizing a race back home in Quebec city for 7 years now. It’s a little different since it’s everyone at the same time from the top of the city to the bottom. The whole thing is about 2 kilometers and I usually have around 30 to 40 skaters in. Different kind of madness. Had to adapt the concept to the Finnish geography.

2. To people who haven’t been in Koffari race, is it against the clock or other riders?  

You go down with someone else. It’s kind of a tournament. Two skaters a the time and the winner goes to the other round.That implies that you have to race several time but it’s what motivates us, speed freaks. We had a finals of three guys this year which was super sick.

3. Duudson had bad luck last year, how many casualties was this year's bodycount

Worst one was Poni. He broke his collar bone at two places. I saw the X-rays and it was pretty nasty. Then, couple other dudes that were supposed to compete, but trained to hard before the race, had to quit. I guess the beer is also a factor in the equation. But hey, it’s called Koff race for a reason. 

4. Did you race yourself or just organizing things?

I usually race also myself but I was injured this year. Would be stupid to organize and just sit down while people are killing themselves out there. The feeling of going down with your homie down any hill really is the fucking best. If you are racing, it just pushes harder to get down there before him. 

5. Any special plans for next year? Any crazy ideas how to make this even more dangerous or just keep it the way it was?

The race will be the same I guess. It’s such a short hill that there is not really anything else to do. We got rained out this year and few guys had to go uphill. But who knows... Maybe I will allow pushes and punches. Chains and baseball bats. Road Rage style. Half time show would be sweet. Mega ramp over the pond there. Just need to fill it with hungry alligators and piranhas to make it more interesting for the audience.  

6. Who dominated race this year? Was Suomi Bob aka Marius winner all the time or was it tough competition? 

Total domination. Fastest dude out there on and off the board. I saw him catching a gazelle once with his bare hands, after he ran after it for few miles. I think it has to do with his body proportions and his special Koff diet. Born for speed.

7. How fast is too fast? 

Excellent question. The speed of sound is 340,29 m per second, which is pretty lame if you ask me. The speed of light is 299 792 458 m per second, which quite fast, I have to admit. But there is theory out there that Quantum entanglement and Negative matter are faster. Like going through a worm whole which is a portal that defies our space-time continuum. I think fastness is infinite, so defines what would be too fast is out of my reach.    

8. Thanks and last words?

Thank you all, seriously. It’s my favorite day of the year because you make it happen. Everyone that came last year, this year and that will come next year and the one after that. Shout out to our winners Pat, Willis and Bob. And of course our sponsors, MFT, Free Pizza, Piece ’n’ Love pizza and Happy Hour. Thank you too! Go fast or go home bruh!!!

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Words: Kempas  Photos: Jaakko Markkanen

Willis sliding

Jöle Juntunen and Fabu.

Winner Marius and Hassinen aka HAZZINE! 

With style. Style is everything. 

Gravette balance. 


Also with style. 

Jarno Musikka and Robin Ruohonen


1. Marius

2. Willis Kimbel 

3. Pat Duffy 

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