Hangup – Skeittaus, elämä, viihde ja kulttuuri

Willis Kimbel @Räsälä

17.08.2016 / Toimitus

"Räsälä" is private indoor pool located in central Finland. Willis Kimbel aka @Wheelbarrow went there to check place with couple of local friends. Originally published at Hang Up Magazine 1/16. 

What: Couple hour drive, about 7 Karhus (normal size cans) to Vexi’s hellacious indoor backyard “made to skate” pool lined with feral pool coping and mysterious walls. 

Who: Travis Adams and Sami in Sami’s van to meet the homies. 

When: At a time in Finland’s year where you have to scrape the ice off the inside of the van’s windows at the gas station. Not Juhannus guaranteed. 

Why: Because a badass named Vexi built a treacherous bowl that mustn’t go ungrinded to loud music with friends and brews. 

I heard that this bowl near Kuopio was the closest thing to a swimming pool that there was within hundreds of miles. It was in fact like a pool. Not forgiving, extremely unique and fun. It has texture and a bitching pool coping. It is humbling. It is scary. It gives you hippers and swellbows. It is extremely satisfying to hear the sound the coping barks at you. 

It’s definitely the kind of place that only the essence of a session and friends could fully unveil the magic of. 

It was a little tricky to get the rhythm of the bowl at first, but not as tricky as the 16-kilometer hike uphill both ways through the swampy vampire bat cave and across the old wooden bridge. 

I look forward to going back and thank everyone for being there and making it happen. It was truly one of the most unreal sessions and places I have ever experienced.  That’s the best I can do to explain the place and time, but I could have just written “Purity of skateboarding” and it would be spot on as well. Perkele. 

Photo: Sami Välikangas  Text: Willis Kimble


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