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08.07.2015 / Hangup

Uutinen euroopan laajuisen printtimedian häviämisestä Kingpinin myötä sai karvat nousemaan monen kohdalla. Mitä tapahtui ja mikä on tämä uusi FREE skate mag mistä kaikki nyt puhuu. Otimme asiasta selvää kysymällä Kingpinin entisen päätoimittajan WIll Harmonin kuulumisia

Hey Will, What happened to Kingpin? 

One early April morning our boss at Factory came in and said they were stopping all the print titles throughout the company. They wanted to focus on an all digital strategy. 


So who and what is this FREE?

Free is the new pan-European skateboard magazine. It was started by Sam Ashley, Arthur Derrien and myself. We thought it was important for the European skateboarding community to have a a pan-European magazine. We believe that the best way to see skateboard photography is in print. So with Factory's decision to stop printing Kingpin we decided to leave and start our own magazine. After a few days we came up with the name Free and made an Instagram and Facebook page. Then a few weeks after that we launched our website. Now this weekend we are having the launch for our first issue. 


What about FREE future?

Well we need to get an accountant, ha! No, but I suppose we'll continue what we've been doing: showcasing to the world the best skateboarding in Europe in print, online and with social media. Hopefully people are psyched. 


Where to find FREE and is it really FREE?

Free should be available at all the best skate shops in Europe. Keen Distribution here in the UK is helping us with worldwide distribution. In Finland Four Down distribution will be distributing Free. So pester your local shop to hit them up to get the mag! 





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